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maximization reduction financial Improve Fraud Prevention Fraud represents a major cost to financial institutions—and one that threatens to escalate with the growing sophistication of financial criminals. Many banks and credit unions continue to manage fraud according to institutional silos, delegating this responsibility to individual business units and product types. Institutions should take steps to integrate fraud management into a centralized, cross-product function that enables the sharing of resources and data, and better coordination of tactical approaches—resulting in reduced fraud losses and a more consistent customer experience. Institutions should also make use of the latest detection technologies to reduce their fraud costs: neural networks and predictive software technologies represent just a couple of innovative solutions being used by institutions to cost-effectively detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Because fraudsters follow the path of least resistance, institutions that lag the rest of the industry in implementing advanced prevention and detection solutions make themselves. Deploy Analytics Because of the major structural changes that financial institutions are making to their retail product offerings in order to restore or maintain profitability, customer analytics are more important than ever. Institutions must use analytics to segment customers in order to better understand revenue opportunities and re-pricing options. They must conduct analyses on revenue sources, consumer transaction behavior, and sensitivity to fees across their customer bases and within specific customer segments— and then use the resulting insights to design new pricing strategies and inform revenue replacement efforts. The savvy use of customer analytics is critical to evaluating customer profitability, predicting consumer behavior, optimizing relationship pricing, and developing cost-effective marketing tactics. Саракташ, Russian Federation

https://moneyonlineinvestment.com/_/max ... аш-Russian Federation.html

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